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About Us: Team FDC

A group of friends and family training for ING Miami Marathon and Half Marathon in 2014.

With the growing popularity of running and endurance events, it seems as if everyone is getting involved in some sort of endurance event. In the past couple of years, events that once seemed exclusive to elite athletes have grown increasingly popular among non-athletes willing to test themselves and achieve a personal goal.  I had the opportunity six years ago, through the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Team-In-Training group, to discover that anyone can run a marathon. It is empowering to discover that your body and will power are capable of taking you much further than the limitations that you have grown to accept. Four years ago, we put together an informal group of family and friends. Together we trained and ran or walked the 2009 ING Half Miami Marathon.

Four years ago, at the beginning of training, I was blown away by the turn out to train for the 2010 ING Miami. But surrounded by a great group from the previous year, we trained and had a great run at last year’s ING, the majority of which completed their first half marathon.  It is then that this informal group first became Team FDC.  What I always remember most about that season is not the race, but the experience. It is those Saturday morning runs/walks when we meet while the rest of Miami sleeps pursuing a common goal that unite the group.

This group, Team FDC, has taken a life of its own. In 5 years, Team FDC, almost by accident, has made marathoners out of people who may never have thought of running. And as great as the “getting there” and completing the races have been, the memories remain in the journey that got us all there.

Team FDC will give you the opportunity to reach a goal you may have never thought possible. It will provide a memorable experience that will change your life. It will change how you view yourself, your health and your fitness. Come run/walk with us and break down those walls that limit who you can be.

If you have the desire to do this for yourself, we have the Training Group that will get you across the finish line! The cost to train with us? Your willingness, your desire, your time and your dedication are your biggest costs.  There is a nominal fee to be determined on soon as we address the planning for this coming season.



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